The music and soul of the Arctic


The sea has provided the basis of life in Northern Norway since time immemorial. To this day, it remains our most important transport route and our largest resource. It is Mother Nature’s own pantry and is an important community builder. To fully understand North Norwegian society, you need to understand the sea and the importance it plays.

Along the extensive coast of Northern Norway, there has always been a vibrant and varied culture that people have used to express their experiences, sorrows, faith and hope. This coastal culture covers a wide range of styles and musical expressions.

We present daily concerts at the Tromsø Cathedral in downtown Tromsø where you can experience the music that exists in the coastal communities of the Norwegian Arctic. The musicians create a wonderful atmosphere in Tromsø’s most important cultural heritage building, which takes the audience on a beautiful journey through the rich musical treasures of the coastal culture and the Arctic soul.

This beautifully presented concert features psalms, folk tunes, songs, traditional Norwegian music and indigenous Sami music focusing on the past, present and future, performed by the region’s leading musicians.


This memorable cultural event offers you a unique and close-up experience of the rich cultural heritage of our coastal communities. If you lean back and listen carefully, we hope you will gain a special insight into the soul of the Arctic.





Duration: 30 min.

Price: NOK 185,-

Time: 15:30 (3:30pm)

Day: Monday - Saturday 

2. December 2019 to 7. March 2020

Where: Tromsø Cathedral

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Arctic Vibe 

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